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Neil Mitchell hits back at ‘cowardly’ protesters over social media post

Neil Mitchell has taken aim at a “bunch of cowardly idiots” too scared to debate him on 3AW.

The protesters from the “Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance” were behind the dangerous protests on Melbourne Cup Day.

A member of the group posted on social media overnight, accusing the 3AW Mornings host of being a “corporate scumbag, as well as a sexist, patriarchal dinosaur.”

They said Neil’s coverage of refugee issues was “appalling” and have threatened to disrupt his program.

“Terrific – name calling and threats,” he said.

“But they are too cowardly to come on air and debate.

“The refugees collective have, the animal liberationists have – even the CFMEU.

“But not this lot.

“This lot just wants to snipe and harass.”

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