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Neil Mitchell hits out at Catholic church over Cathy McGowan ban

A federal MP who has been banned from speaking at a Catholic church conference because of her stance on same-sex marriage says she hopes the church reconsiders its decision.

3AW Mornings host Neil Mitchell has branded the decision to cancel Cathy McGowan’s address as ‘brutal’ and ‘hypocritical’ of the church.

Ms McGowan, member for Indi, was due to speak about social justice issues at a Catholic Social Services Victoria conference on February 25.

But Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart has since intervened, cancelling the booking because Ms McGowan’s views on same-sex marriage contradicted those of the church.

Ms McGowan told 3AW Mornings she was disappointed, particularly given the fact her speech had nothing to do with that issue.

‘The actual topic of the talk had nothing to do with gay marriage, or anything political like that, it was more talking about rural and regional Australia and the inequalities here,’ she explained.

‘The reason I was invited to give the oration was because of my knowledge of rural and regional Australia and social justice here, and because of the really good work the church is doing to work with people, particularly homeless people and those without a voice.’

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Neil Mitchell took aim at the Catholic church over the ban, before clashing with a caller who supported the decision.

‘I find it massively hypocritical (to say) we’re a caring, inclusive Christian organisation but ? you don’t agree with us ? you’re banned,’ the 3AW Mornings host said.

‘That’s my problem.’

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