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Neil Mitchell interviews Justice of the Supreme Court Lex Lasry

Justice Lex Lasry has spoken publicly about the scourge of the drug ice in Victoria.

He still wonders if the government is doing enough to prevent young people from turning to the drug.

Having been on the bench of the Supreme Court of Victoria since 2007, Justice Lasry says he’s increasingly seeing serious violent cases linked to ice.

In a rare insight, he sat down for an interview with Neil Mitchell. 

Victoria’s justice system is often criticised by the public, some even accuse the courts of going ‘soft’ on offenders.

Lasry says – ‘People are entitled to criticise the courts. Public debate is useful.’ 

‘Not only do we have to listen to the community, the politicians do too.’ – Lasry told 3AW Mornings. 

Justice Lex Lasry isn’t convinced criminals are rehabilitated in jail.

Neil Mitchell: Does jail work?

Lex Lasry: I don’t know what you mean by ‘work’.

Neil Mitchell: Well, it’s protecting the community.

Lex Lasry: To that extent it is, yes. Look, jail is a terrible place. I’ve seen enough of the inside of jails, as a visitor.

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