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Neil Mitchell labelled a ‘shock jock’ by feminist group

Neil Mitchell was called a shock jock today.

A press release issued by the Friends, Families and Feminists Against Detention (a group that takes their children to their protests) said:

Today’s protest was organised by Friends, Families, and Feminists Against Detention (FFFAD) and supported by the Refugee Action Collective. FFFAD’s controversial ‘Pram Jams’ at DIBP last year sparked media attention as far away as the UK and the US, with articles in Huffington Post, Buzz Feed and the UK Daily Mail.

One action saw mothers and children forcibly removed from DIBP, with radio shock jock Neil Mitchell taking aim at FFFAD members for involving children in the protest.

Neil Mitchell spoke with protester Tallace Bisett about his new label.

‘My whole criticism wasn’t of your protest, you’re entitled to do that, but a woman breastfeeding her son, literally being dragged out by police as she’s breast feeding,’ he said.

‘I thought of the fear that could create and the danger to the child.’

‘I don’t know that that requires a form of personal abuse…can’t we disagree without that?’

Click PLAY to hear Tallace Bisett explain why she thinks Neil is so shocking