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Neil Mitchell labels the Premier ‘childish’ over Ministers’ mobile phone audits

The Premier is on the war-path over leaks to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

Government ministers may have to hand in their mobile phones, with Daniel Andrews reportedly ordering an audit over a series of exclusive stories broken by Neil.

The Herald Sun reports Daniel Andrews is demanding to know who handed information about an increase to police numbers, to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

He tells 3AW’s Tony Jones if all of this is true it’s childish, ‘I think he’s being amateurish, I think it’s bad leadership…’

‘It was good news, I said it was terrific… It undermined their media strategy, it undermined their spin,’ Neil said on 3AW Mornings. 

Neil says he doesn’t take it personally. 

One Minister claims MPs are now waiting for the call to hand in their phones, with many set to refuse.


  • October 24: Neil Mitchell first reveals police numbers are set to increase
  • December 1: Neil Mitchell reveals specific details of the increase
  • December 4: Dan Andrews announces big boost in police numbers

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