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Neil Mitchell lashes Qantas over its selective outrage with Israel Folau

Neil Mitchell has lashed Qantas for “taking the moral high-ground” and reviewing its sponsorship of the Wallabies, despite turning a “blind eye” and maintaining business links with Royal Brunei Airlines.

The national airline has threatened to pull its sponsorship with the Wallabies after star player Israel Folau again posted provocative material online.

His contract is going to be torn up with the national team.

Qantas expressed its disappointment on Thursday.

“These comments are really disappointing and clearly don’t reflect the spirit of inclusion and diversity that we support,” the airline said.

Neil Mitchell found that interesting.

“This is the same Qantas that maintains links with Brunei, where they’ve just made it legal to stone gay people to death,” he said.

“They take the moral high ground about a rugby player saying things on social media, yet turns a blind eye to one of their business partners based in a country that wants to kill people for the same thing.

“The power of the dollar.”

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