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Neil Mitchell: Tessa Sullivan’s latest allegations need to go to police

“The accusations against Robert Doyle have taken a quantum leap.”

Neil Mitchell says Tessa Sullivan’s recent allusions to drink spiking need to be taken to police.

Ms Sullivan, the first person to accuse Lord Mayor Robert Doyle of sexual harassment, has conducted several newspaper interviews in recent days.

In at least two of those interviews, Ms Sullivan refers to an incident in which she accepted a glass of wine from an open bottle in Mr Doyle’s office, and later woke up in her front yard in a pool of vomit (read The Australian article here).

The paper says Ms Sullivan is certain she did not drink excessively.

Robert Doyle has strongly and consistently denied any wrongdoing regarding any claims made against him.

Neil Mitchell: This is crosses the line into very ugly territory. This is not a creepy hug nor inappropriate word, this is an accusation of illegal behaviour. It must be tested by poplice and Ms Sullivan must make a complaint.

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