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Neil Mitchell looks for answers after a weekend of juvenile crime

A weekend of juvenile crime has Neil Mitchell wondering ‘what the hell is going on?’

Dozens of youths, some African in appearance, went on a rampage at the Summersault Festival in Caroline Springs on Saturday night, stealing phones and wallets and injuring several participants.

One victim, 16-year-old Jack, spent his weekend in hospital as a result.

Jack’s mother Debbie told Neil Mitchell she doesn’t know why parents let young children out at night without adult supervision.

She emphasised that she doesn’t hold any ill will towards the Sudanese community.

‘There are some bad kids out there doing bad things, but it’s not the entire community,’ she said.

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A witness, Jeremy, told Neil it was an organised attack.

He said the attackers knew people would have their phones out during the fireworks display.

It was just one of several incidences of juvenile crime over the weekend, involving children as young as 10.

‘What the hell is going on here?’ Neil said.

‘I would say, if your 11-year-old is getting around in an allegedly stolen car evading police, there’d have to be real questions about whether you are entitled to be a parent to that child.’

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