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Neil Mitchell: Melbourne’s mood has shifted and the Premier’s messaging needs to change

Neil Mitchell has noticed a change in the mood in Melbourne and he thinks the Premier should change his messaging accordingly.

The 3AW Mornings host says he’s hearing about a growing number of violent outbursts, in the form of animal abuse and road rage, which have led him to believe many people have reached the next phase of COVID-19 fatigue.

“We’re on edge,” he said.

“Are we close to cracking?”

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The 3AW Mornings host called on Premier Daniel Andrews to change his messaging in response to the shift in mood.

“I think it’s time for the Premier to send out a little hope,” he said.

“To just assure people that we’ll be easing restrictions soon, unless something goes wrong.

“I think the time for the warning and the threatening has gone. I think it’s time to reassure. To tread gently.

“People are fragile. I think they need help, not threats.”