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Neil Mitchell: New fines system one of the great ‘stuff-ups’ of the public service

Neil Mitchell says the mess surrounding Victoria’s new fines system is “a scandalous waste of public money”.

Issues with the major overhaul of the state’s civic compliance system Fines Victoria were first detailed on 3AW Mornings back in February.

“I am beginning to think we are sitting on one of the great stuff ups in the life of the Victorian public service,” Neil said.

“The complaints continue, I have a pile of complaints again today.

“I’ve had the Attorney General tells me it’s a mess, the Police Minister tells me it’s a mess.

“They are throwing millions of dollars at it and no one is accountable.

“It’s a scandalous waste of public money, everybody shakes their head, nobody fixes it.

“This has been going on for six or seven months.”

3AW callers detailed more issues with Fines Victoria system.

Caller Pam shared her issue with the process on 3AW Mornings.

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