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Neil Mitchell on Victoria Police: Our deep problem and crisis of confidence

“We have a deep problem. A crisis of confidence.”

Neil Mitchell says yesterday’s developments in the Royal Commission into Informants raises serious issues that affect the credibility of Victoria’s police force.

It’s been revealed “Lawyer X” – the informant at the centre of the matter – was first registered in 1995, not 2005 as first understood.

It’s also emerged other lawyers have been acting as informers.

Malcolm Hyde has stood down as commissioner, due to the potential for overlap between the matters of interest and Mr Hyde’s time at Victoria Police.

“We want to trust the police but at the moment it is difficult,” Neil Mitchell said.

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He says fresh questions must be asked of a string of chief commissioners.

Among them, current top cop Graham Ashton.

“He said that Lawyer X was used in the way she was because of the Gangland wars — extraordinary times, was his defence. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures,” Neil said.

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“Well, no,” Neil continued. “Informer X had been involved at least at some level for the extraordinary times, and so had up to five other lawyers.”