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Neil Mitchell on Victoria’s energy debacle: Why you need to maintain the rage

The outages were one thing.

The Energy Minister and the Australian Energy Market Operator told 3AW our energy system was coping well just moments before about 200,000 homes and businesses had their power cut in stifling heat.

But what really concerns Neil Mitchell now is the “secrecy” around the financial costs.

He’s been told one company sold power back into the grid from the generators at a cost of $1500 per minute to the government — “That’s $90,000 an hour for just one company”.

“Big companies wound back production to save power, and they got some compensation,” Neil continued.

“How much? We don’t know. There’s a fog of secrecy.

“We’ve got to pay for this somewhere down the line — does it go to your power bill?

“One thing I know; the people whose power went off, there’s no compensation for you.

“We need to maintain the rage on this one.”

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