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Neil Mitchell pans marathon Senate debate as ‘a circus and a waste of time’

Neil Mitchell has slammed the marathon Senate debate as ‘a circus and a waste of time’. 

The Senate is currently debating reforms to its voting system in a sitting which has run for more than 26 hours.

Some of the topics discussed in this marathon session include:

  • Monty Python quotes
  • Whether to say ‘bum’ or ‘bottom’
  • Richard di Natale’s pants

‘That’s the level of debate we’ve got going on,’ Neil said.

After 24 hours of being awake, mental performance is equivalent to a blood alcohol concentration of 0.1, or double the legal driving limit.

‘They’re effectively drunk, and they’re sitting up there talking about the future of the country.’

And it that wasn’t bad enough, the whole exercise is futile.

‘The government’s done a deal with the Greens to pass it, so the debate is pointless,’ Neil said.

‘It’s all about posturing.’

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