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Neil Mitchell plays audio of a scam phone call doing the rounds

A scam is doing the rounds that is scaring people into giving them money.

The call purports to come from a ‘Jason O’Connor’ from the Australian Taxation Office, informing the recipient of the call that a lawsuit has been filed against them for tax evasion.

If you receive it as a call or a text, ignore it.

Neil Mitchell received audio of the call, which he put out on air as a warning to listeners.

Click play to hear the scam call

3AW listener Steve recorded the call, which was left as a voice message, and sent it in.

He said he called the number that ‘Jason’ leaves, but when he asked if it was a scam, he was sworn at and had his number blocked.

‘The frustrating thing it it’s been going for more than 12 months,’ Neil said.

‘Are the police powerless to do something about it?’

For reference, in the unlikely event that you are caught for tax evasion, you will be notified by mail, not phone or SMS. Unlike this call, the letter will contain your name.