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Neil Mitchell questions Malcolm Turnbull’s use of ‘vertical fiscal imbalance’


What on earth does it mean?

Nobody seems to know and, if they do, they’re doing a pretty lacklustre job of explaining it to the average punter.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull brought the phrase into the spotlight this week when discussing state income taxes.

3AW Mornings host Neil Mitchell said it was ‘waffle and gobbledygook’ and showed the Prime Minister was battling.

‘The Prime Minister ? the great communicator – he’s struggling,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘He’s struggling badly.

‘He’s confusing, he is contradictory.’

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Neil Mitchell asked Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas what ‘vertical fiscal imbalance’ meant.

He tried, with several ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs’.

‘The federal government is guilty of it,’ Mr Pallas quipped.

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3AW Mornings caller Ben struck a chord with many other listeners when asked what he thought it meant.

‘It means I’m getting screwed,’ he said.

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