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Neil Mitchell questions why fresh charges against cop-kicking teen won’t be released

Neil Mitchell has questioned why fresh charges against a teenager who kicked a police officer in the face won’t be revealed to the public.

The 17-year-old was allowed to walk free last week on a nine month probation order after kicking the officer at the Highpoint Shopping Centre in December, sparking outrage from the police union.

It is reported today he is facing new charges.

The matter will be heard next month but the court has refused to release details of the allegation.

“This crystallises what is wrong with our legal system,” Neil Mitchell said.

“The broader point once again is public confidence in the system.

“The young man, when on probation for serious crimes including aggravated burglary, kicks a policeman in the face and gets more probation.

“Now we hear he faces new charges, but they are kept secret.

“Now I know the Children’s Court must keep identities secret, I get that.

“But the judicial system must be public and transparent when possible, what has happened at several levels here will challenge public confidence.

“I would urge the magistrate to explain fully.”

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