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Neil Mitchell raises questions over Skyrail ‘propaganda’ at a Carrum primary school

Neil Mitchell has slammed Daniel Andrews over the latest propaganda to enter our schools.

Children are being asked to submit their ideas for space surrounding the Frankston Skyrail.

Teachers have asked the kids to colour an image of the proposed Skyrail at Carrum, then put down suggestions of what they should do with the free space.

“Stay away from our kids,” said Neil.

“You and your politics and your lobbying, stay away from our kids.

“It is outrageous.

“This is divisive, this is political.

“You must keep politicians away from little kids like this.

“Lobbying babies for heavens sake…”

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Neil has a tip this has also happened in Dandenong.

Premier Daniel Andrews posted the following video on Facebook on Wednesday.

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Neil said, “It is a an abuse of the school system.”

A parent of one of the children at the school, Ingrid Ponchard, spoke with Neil Mitchell, she said in addition the local member Sonya Kilkenny visited her son’s classroom.

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