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Neil Mitchell responds to ‘strange questions’ stemming from Lamb case and Merlino ‘hypocrisy’

Neil Mitchell says anyone questioning his decision to broadcast leaked information doesn’t understand the role of journalism.

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The 3AW Mornings host has been named in court documents as an alleged recipient of leaked police information allegedly obtained by suspended cop Michael Lamb, who was allegedly trying to bolster his chances of becoming an MP at the time.

Mr Lamb denies the allegations against him. Neil Mitchell has not been accused of anything.

While not commenting on the specifics of Lamb’s court case, Neil Mitchell this morning said he has often published and broadcasted leaked information from many sources, and would continue to do so.

He also responded to “strange questions” from journalists stemming from the Lamb case, and called out Deputy Premier James Merlino for his “hypocrisy” in politicising the ongoing court case.

“For anybody to suggest I should be bound by some bureaucratic police protocol, well, they don’t understand the business,” Neil Mitchell said.

“Remember the media’s ‘Right To Know’ campaign? Some in the media have forgotten that already.”