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Neil Mitchell road tests the virtual reality system which could transform the police force

Neil has been putting virtual reality technology through its paces.

He visited Roam Free VR, in Melbourne’s north, to test out a system which could transform Victoria’s police training.

It’s already happening elsewhere. The New York Police Department has been trialling virtual reality training drills for real-life scenarios like active shooters.

Virtual reality technology could benefit many others too.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is using the technology to rehabilitate stroke victims, and Ambulance Victoria already uses the technology for training.

Press PLAY below to see Neil testing out the new technology.

Nick Perry, Director of Roam Free VR, says the technology could make police training much more varied.

“Normally police training is a very static thing. After you’ve done it once, you kind of know exactly what’s going to happen, but with our solution we can change all sorts of things,” he said.

Mr Perry said virtual reality could help police respond to situations like the Lindt cafe siege.

“If it was a 24 hour stand off type of deal, we could mock together a basic layout of the siege and give the police officers an opportunity to workshop how they’re going to approach that,” he said.

Mr Perry said it’s possible to put together a rough layout of a situation in just four hours.

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