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Neil Mitchell’s driving special at Sandown

Road safety.

What are we doing right? Where are we going wrong?

Neil Mitchell wanted to find out, so he presented another special drive day at Sandown thanks to Mercedes Benz.

EARLIER: Danielle, 19, is on her p-plates and had an accident within the first six months of her getting her licence.

She believes a defensive driving course should become mandatory.

‘It will teach you how to read the conditions and be able to control vehicles a bit more,’ she said.

Danielle lost control while taking a turn in wet conditions.

‘I completely understand how lucky I was that day,’ she said.

Click PLAY below to her Danielle and her dad with Neil Mitchell.

Peter Hackett, chief instructor at the Mercedes Benz Driving Academy, told Neil Mitchell many old ‘tricks of the trade’ of teaching young drivers were no longer relevant or accurate.

‘Technology has changed,’ he said on 3AW Mornings.

‘And it’s only useful if you know how to use it.

‘People were taught to place their hands at ’10 and 2′ on a steering wheel ? that’s been wrong for 40 years.’

Click PLAY below to find out where you should hold the wheel.