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Neil Mitchell says answers are needed over 2013 crash involving Premier’s wife

Neil Mitchell says Victorians deserve answers over a crash involving the Premier’s wife in 2013.

Catherine Andrews was driving a taxpayer-funded car when she was involved in a crash at Blairgowrie that left a teenage cyclist badly injured.

She was not breath-tested by police after the smash. Those police were later disciplined.

Daniel Andrews – then opposition leader – was also in the car at the time.

Victoria Police has refused to release details, despite requests under the freedom of information act.

“I’m not alleging anything wrong has been done here, but it should be entirely out in the open,” Neil Mitchell said.

“When police keep material like this secret it just breeds more questions.”

The 3AW Mornings host said it followed a “theme” of unanswered questions and lack of transparency surrounding the Premier.

Neil Mitchell spoke with media lawyer Justin Quill, who explained the legal procedures involved.

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