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Neil Mitchell says Daniel Andrews is ‘cracking’ and he has a message for him

Neil Mitchell says the pressure of handling the COVID-19 crisis is finally getting to the Premier, and he should take a break.

“Daniel Andrews — he very rarely cracks,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

Press PLAY below for Neil Mitchell’s message to Daniel Andrews

“He cracked several times in a press conference yesterday, clearly irritated by what seemed to be legitimate questions — persistent, but legitimate.

“Sometimes reporters deserve a spray, but it’s rare for Daniel Andrews to show his emotion.

“He did yesterday. He even had a go at the Prime Minister.

“He’s overtired, he’s under intense pressure, within and outside his party. He’s cracking and I’m not surprised.

Neil Mitchell urged Mr Andrews to take a break.

“He should take a day off, sleep,” he said.

“If he doesn’t, he’s going to do something we will all regret.

“It is not weakness, Premier. It is not stepping back, it is sensible.

“Get some sleep. Nobody is going to criticise that.”