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Neil Mitchell says Daniel Andrews is ‘not fit to be in office’ if he doesn’t cooperate with investigation

Neil Mitchell says Daniel Andrews is not fit to be Premier of Victoria if he refuses to cooperate with a probe into Labor’s alleged use of taxpayer-funded parliamentary resources before the 2014 election.

It comes after Labor repeatedly attempted to block the ombudsman’s investigation through the courts.

It’s alleged Labor used taxpayer money to pay campaign workers in the lead up to the election, which is illegal.

‘Daniel Andrews must – if he’s fair dinkum – must cooperate and stop trying to cover this up,’ Neil Mitchell said on 3AW Mornings.

‘They spent our money trying to stop us finding out the truth.

‘Daniel Andrews and his mates are hoping nobody will care or notice, but it’s very important.

‘The government is accused of rorting our money to help them win the election.

‘If Daniel Andrews doesn’t cooperate with this fully he does not deserve to be in office.

‘He has a duty to cooperate, whatever the truth is.’

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