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Neil Mitchell says Donald Trump is ‘right’ to be unhappy with refugee deal

Neil Mitchell says Donald Trump is right to be unhappy with Australia’s controversial refugee resettlement deal with the United States.

But he has hosed down fears it could lead to a break down in relations between the two allies.

The 3AW Mornings host said much of the noise surrounding Malcolm Turnbull’s phone call to the President was most probably ‘theatre.’

‘Donald Trump a bully and a thug, but he is also right,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘The refugee deal Malcolm Turnbull did with Barack Obama is a dumb deal for the United States.

‘Good for us. Bad for them.’

The 3AW Mornings host said ‘his only regret’ was that it wasn’t Bob Hawke on the other end of the line.

‘You can just see it ? Malcolm would have been shocked and stunned when he was savaged by Donald Trump,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘Imagine Bob? He would have given it back in spades and loved every moment of it.’

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