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Neil Mitchell says it’s time to put the pressure on Parliament over the entitlements saga

Neil Mitchell is launching a petition to present to Victorian Parliament over the allowance saga involving Don Nardella and Telmo Languiller.

The probe into the MP allowance scandal will be released to the Parliament tomorrow as pressure mounts on the Andrews Government.

This morning, Neil Mitchell launched a petition calling on Mr Nardella to repay the amount claimed through his second residence allowance and resign. 

It also calls for Mr Languiller to retire at the next election.

Click HERE to sign the petition

‘You can taste the frustration, it’s time to do something,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘What’s happening in the Victorian Parliament today is an insult to the decency of every person in this state who works hard, who pays taxes, who follows the law and doesn’t rort the system.

‘While Don Nardella doesn’t repay the money, and collects his pay check every week and will until November next year.

‘On top of that, this the new insult, the independent audit carried out on this mess, it’s secret, broad detail only.

‘Please, be angry. Let’s do something about it.

‘This might just be the pressure we need.’

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