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Neil Mitchell says it’s ‘outrageous’ if Jane Garrett is lost to parliament

Neil Mitchell says Victoria cannot afford to lose Jane Garrett from parliament and it is “outrageous” if Daniel Andrews allows it to happen.

Ms Garrett’s bid to secure a safe upper house seat took a surprise turn when she was unable to gain pre-selection.

Labor will nominate union leader Ingrid Stitt instead.

Ms Garrett resigned as emergency services minister last year following a dispute with the United Firefighters Union.

She also took time off for cancer treatment and was attacked in a Carlton street.

The opposition says Ms Garrett is “paying the price” for “standing up” to the Premier.

“We cannot afford to lose people of principle and ability, like Jane Garrett,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“They’ve brutalised her enough.

“If this government is fair dinkum, they’ll find a way to get her a seat because they cannot afford to lose that talent.

“I could give you a list of people in the state parliament on the Labor side who would be a couple of streets behind Jane Garrett.

“She’s been brutalised by the system, by the Daniel Andrews faction and the socialist left – I don’t know whether he was involved in this but he should be involved in saving her because Victoria needs her.”

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