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Neil Mitchell says Julie Bishop ‘played the gender card’ in TV interview

Neil Mitchell says Julie Bishop is “rewriting history” and “played the gender card” in her interview with Andrew Denton which aired on Channel Seven last night.

In a wide-ranging interview the former cabinet minister says she encountered “gender deafness” while in government and called for a 50 per cent representation of women in parliament.

Neil said while Ms Bishop has had a successful career in politics, it is time to step away and retire gracefully.

“Effectively she’s saying she was dudded because she’s a woman,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“I think Julie Bishop should do herself a favour, and us, go away and keep her head down.”

Ms Bishop described gender deafness as a female voice being drowned out or ignored by men.

Neil said he hadn’t seen any evidence of it.

“Maybe I’ve got gender blindness because I can’t say I’ve ever seen it happen the way she describes.

“Do we need 50 per cent women in the parliament?

“You’d really like to think we need the right people.”