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Neil Mitchell says ‘lack of leadership’ could lead to bizarre twist

Neil Mitchell says the dire lack of political leadership in Australia at present could potentially see Tony Abbott return as a “de facto” Prime Minister.

The 3AW Mornings host returned to the airwaves on Monday and came out swinging.

“When will somebody in Australia actually step up and lead this country? It’s a mess,” Neil Mitchell said.

“Bill Shorten stands for nothing – he’ll say anything to try and win power and he’s been exposed doing that several times on this program.

“Malcolm Turnbull is floundering, Julie Bishop is not up to it (and) Scott Morrison is sulky.

“Heaven help us, Barnaby Joyce is the only one making any sense and he seems as frustrated as any of us.”

It led Neil Mitchell to explain a possible – albeit unlikely – way former Prime Minister Tony Abbott could claim control over parliament.

It would start with Mr Abbott being expelled from the Liberal Party due to his constant “sniping” at Mr Turnbull, joining Cory Bernadi’s conservative party and eventually holding the balance of power in the Senate.

“It is bizarre, yes, but so is this whole mess,” he said.

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