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Neil Mitchell says Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten ‘insulted’ Australia

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten ‘insulted’ Australia by not attending yesterday’s repatriation ceremony at Richmond airbase, says Neil Mitchell.

After a long campaign, the remains of 33 Australian soldiers killed overseas were finally returned home this week.

But neither leader was present for the ceremony. And it’s irritated the 3AW Mornings host.

‘I think it was an insult and I think it shows they don’t get it,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘Malcolm Turnbull was at a mattress factory and Bill Shorten was at the fish market.

‘Both were campaigning and posing for photos.

‘They missed an opportunity to do the right thing ? to show some respect.’

Neil Mitchell said past leaders would not have missed it.

‘I can tell you now, John Howard would have been there,’ he said.

‘Tony Abbott would have been there, in fact he was one of the driving forces behind this happening.

‘Kevin Rudd would have been there, Julia Gillard would have been there.’

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