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Neil Mitchell says new $2 levy ‘rewards’ taxi industry for its failings

Neil Mitchell says you are being asked to ‘reward’ the taxi industry for its failings.

The 3AW Mornings host questioned the new $2 levy, set to be introduced under new legislation which will legalise ride-sharing services such as Uber.

Neil Mitchell said the taxi industry had been ‘caught napping’ and Victorians were paying the price.

‘The reality is you and I are being asked to reward the taxi industry for its failure,’ Neil Mitchell said on Wednesday.

‘Initially, the money is going to compensate an industry that has failed.

‘It has been asleep.

‘It has not noticed that the technology was catching up with it.

‘It has not understood service.

‘It has treated customers like dirt.

‘I hasten to add there are terrific exceptions, some great cab drivers who really love their job and do it well.

‘But, generally, the taxi industry has treated us badly.’

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