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Neil Mitchell says political fight over Sunday penalty rates ‘smells like Work Choices all over again’

Neil Mitchell says the political fight over Sunday penalty rates ‘smells like Work Choices all over again.’

The 3AW Mornings host said Malcolm Turnbull was ‘floundering’ over the issue, while Bill Shorten was ‘saying one thing, when he knows the other.’

The CFMEU, a union ‘not even involved’ in the dispute, has threatened an ‘industrial war’ on the federal government following their decision to support the Fair Work Commission.

‘To me, this smells like the Work Choices campaign all over again,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘It’s absolutely outrageous from both the federal opposition and some in the union movement.

‘They’re not interested in fact or truth, or the benefit of the country, they’re interested in lying, cheating and spinning their way into power.’

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