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Neil Mitchell says protesters will only be encouraged by latest court ruling

Neil Mitchell says protesters will only be encouraged to disrupt Melbourne’s CBD after 36 animal activists were slapped with a paltry $100 fine in court for bringing the city to a standstill in April.

And they’ll be donating that money to an animal rescue sanctuary.

“It’s like arresting a drunk driver and asking him to put $100 over the bar to shout his mates,” Neil Mitchell said on Tuesday.

“It’s not a penalty.

“Everybody is entitled to protest, but they’re not entitled to hold a city to ransom, in my view.”

The 36 activists were ordered to pay $100 to charity for their protest on April 8, which saw the intersection outside Flinders Street Station brought to a standstill.

No convictions were recorded.

“Perhaps we should just hand over the streets to the protesters … give up,”

“Let them block the city and potentially endanger the safety of the community by tying up the police.

“Why not? Let ’em go.

“If this lot needed any encouragement, they got it yesterday.”

The 3AW Mornings host spoke with Natalie Acreman from Extinction Rebellion, who said there were more protests planned.

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