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Neil Mitchell says ‘safe’ injecting room looks ‘political’

Neil Mitchell says the announcement of a “safe” drug injecting room in North Richmond looks like a bid for the Northcote by-election.

The 3AW Mornings host says there are several unanswered questions after the government suddenly announced a two-year trial of the facility at the North Richmond Community Health Centre.

“Perhaps it is necessary, perhaps it will save lives, but there is much more we need to know first,” Neil Mitchell said.

“This is legalised heroin use.

“It looks political – it’s a total backflip by Daniel Andrews, who ruled it out only a couple of months ago.

“It looks like a bid for the Northcote by-election – they deny that, of course.”

Neil Mitchell said it looked like authorities were “giving up” and “legitimising” drug use.

“It certainly looks that way,” he said.

“Have we tried everything we can?

“Back in 2006 heroin deaths were down to 37 in Victoria.

“Now the toll is as high as 190.

“Why? Was it policing? Other drugs? Have we tried to replicate what we were doing right in 2006?”