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Confirmed: Neil Mitchell’s tip on the controversial oBike operation was on the money – they’re leaving Melbourne

Neil Mitchell’s tip on oBikes was on the money.

The controversial operation will withdraw from Melbourne within the month, mayor Sally Capp confirmed on Tuesday.

It follows steep new fines from the EPA for $3000 per dumped oBike.

“They’ve been run out of town,” Neil said.

“Presumably it’s because the EPA has told them to lift their game or face fines for littering.

“My information is that within one month there will be a full withdrawal from oBike.”

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Neil said oBikes had begun to be removed from the CBD and St Kilda over the weekend.

Mayor Port Phillip Cr Bernadene Voss told Neil her council has also been informed oBike is leaving.

“We’ve been told they are going,” she said.

“We do understand though that there is a new operator coming in.”

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(Photo taken 12/06/18 by program producer Michael Hilder)

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