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Neil Mitchell says we’re ‘being played for fools’ by Daniel Andrews and UFU

Neil Mitchell says Victorians are being played for fools by the Andrews Government and United Firefighters Union.

He said the latest “dodgy” advertising campaign, launched this week, showed the union was well aware of the proposed reform of the state’s firefighting services before anybody else.

“These ads were everywhere yesterday, the website was up and running,” Neil Mitchell explained on 3AW Mornings.

“You don’t get a campaign like that together in four days – it’d be more likely to take four weeks and cost a fortune.

“Supposedly, Daniel Andrews only told the union about the changes last Thursday at the earliest, but suddenly there’s a big campaign ready to go?”

3AW Mornings can reveal the website was registered on April 11 by Peter Marshall – the head of the UFU.

“The website was registered and getting ready to go a month before we were told and supposedly before the union was told?” Neil Mitchell questioned.

“The government and UFU are in it together – just admit it.

“Just be straight with us.”

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