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Neil Mitchell sent video of graffiti vandal on roof of woman’s home

A Coburg North woman who caught a graffiti vandal on her property has been left terrified.

Danielle heard a noise outside her bathroom window on Thursday morning and was shocked to find a man standing on the roof spray painting her wall.

She filmed the incident and made contact with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

‘I heard a noise and thought it was my partner leaving for work this morning,’ says Danielle.

‘My 15-month-old was just waking up in the cot besides me!’

WATCH the confronting video below

A number calls were also made to police by PTV staff about a man vandalising Batman Railway Station just after 8am on Thursday. 

Highway patrol members attended and spoke with railway staff before trying to find the offender.

They say there were delays in responding to the incident at Danielle’s home and supplied the following statement to 3AW Mornings:

‘Police units continually assess and re-assess tasks given and must prioritise each job based on information at hand.’

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