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Neil Mitchell sickened by killer driver’s latest cowardly claim

Neil Mitchell has been left disgusted by Puneet Puneet’s latest attempt to avoid justice in Australia.

The killer driver, who fled the country after fatally hitting student Dean Hofstee in 2008 while he was drunk and speeding, says Australia is hounding him “like a killer terrorist.”

He’s previously cited poor health as a reason not to be extradited; also claiming he cannot get a fair trial here because Australia “is racist.”

Puneet said he’d apologise to the family “if it really matters to them.”

“How offensive is that?” Neil Mitchell said.

“He is a coward and a killer.”

The 3AW Mornings host has again called on the Indian community for help, saying they should put pressure on their government to act.

“He is damaging India,” Neil Mitchell said.

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