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Neil Mitchell slams ‘cowboy’ state government over ‘appalling’ hotel quarantine blunder

Victoria’s decision to go against federal government advice and use security guards rather than police or the army to patrol hotels housing returned travellers is under fire as more details about the quarantine blunder emerge.

Neil Mitchell has slammed the “cowboy” state government for its handling of hotel quarantine.

“The federal authorities all along said bring in the army, bring in the police,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“Daniel Andrews ignored that. He put the Department of Jobs in charge and went with cowboys.

“He won’t say why …. and he still won’t use the army.

“And this inquiry they’re running into what happened, it looks like being kept secret!”

Neil’s criticism comes as more allegations of misconduct by security guards working in hotel quarantine emerge.

“In the Herald Sun we’ve got a guard telling them about appalling procedures including sleeping with staff, ghost workers, people asleep on the job, not changing equipment, it’s just appalling,” he said.

“The federal government said use police or use the army. We used security guards, which is why we’re in this situation.

“It is that simple.”

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