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Neil Mitchell slams ‘Death Tax’ as morally wrong

Neil Mitchell has slammed a proposed ‘death tax’.

It would tax 35% of a person’s estate after death, with the threshold floated at $5m. 

‘Supporters say they’re trying to close the gap between rich and poor,’ Neil said.

‘To me, it’s morally wrong.’

Neil said Tim Costello’s support for the campaign is ‘smothered by self-interest’. 

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The idea started with Anglicare CEO Paul McDonald.

Mr McDonald told Neil the tax is aimed at the very wealthy.

‘We’re becoming more unequal… We don’t want to become an unhealthy society,’ he said on Thursday.

’27 of 34 OECD countries have some sort of inheritance tax. We’re one of the wealthiest countries in the world and we don’t have any.

‘We’ve got to have the debate to say ‘why don’t we have any, and is it reasonable to have some?”

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