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Neil Mitchell slams ‘garbage’ statement from Attorney General following crime spree

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Neil Mitchell has slammed the Attorney General’s office over a “garbage” statement in response to a “ridiculous situation” that saw the identity of wanted youths suppressed until a court order was given.

The 3AW Mornings host was left frustrated by “bureaucratic nonsense” that saw their identity suppressed while they were still on the run from police.

Permission was eventually given, more than a day after the alleged crime spree began, before it was revoked and then granted again.

“It was a bureaucratic quagmire,” Neil Mitchell said.

He said changes needed to be made where a senior police officer was given discretionary powers without a court order if it was in the interest of public safety.

The Children’s Court has since rejected it was at fault for any delay.

It says it didn’t receive an application from police until 2.30pm on Wednesday.

“A copy of the order was provided to Victoria Police by the Children’s Court soon after 5pm that day,” a spokesperson for the court said.

The Attorney General’s office was “unavailable” to speak on air, but sent 3AW Mornings the following statement;

“The law currently enables police to publish the identity of young people with a court order when it is in the interest of public safety.”

It left Neil Mitchell furious.

“Well that’s really helpful, isn’t it,” he said sarcastically.

“That is just bureaucratic nonsense.

“It fixes nothing.

“It is being evasive.

“It’s not protecting the people.

“That is almost offensive that, in this situation, this is the garbage the Attorney General comes up with.”

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