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Neil Mitchell slams George Pell’s claim he wasn’t interested in rumours of abuse

Neil Mitchell has taken issue with part of Cardinal George Pell’s testimony at the child abuse Royal Commission.

Cardinal Pell was asked if he knew it was common knowledge in Inglewood that Ridsdale was interfering with children.

‘It’s a sad story and it wasn’t of much interest to me,’ he responded.

And with that there were gasps of incredulity from those watching on in Australia.

‘That’s the whole essence of the problem,’ Neil said.

‘You’re a man of God, pledging to care for people, and you hear stories that the local priest is molesting children, and it’s not of much bloody interest to you?

‘I’m not surprised that they’re angry.

‘We’ve got to be fair to George Pell, but he hasn’t impressed me so far.

‘A dose of humility would help.’

Click play for Heidi Murphy’s report, followed by Neil Mitchell’s strident editorial