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Neil Mitchell slams ‘grubby’ new CFA allowance deal

CFA career fire fighters are set to receive near 20% increases in all existing allowances as well as more than a dozen new allowances and bonuses.

Neil Mitchell says, ‘This is unsustainable.

‘This is a bomb that will explode.’

He says the ‘grubby’ deal that could cost Victorians tens of millions of dollars.

‘This is potentially a massive pay rise, huge.

‘A 10% bonus for working outside of Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat or Bendigo. Now hang on? Isn’t this the country fire authority? COUNTRY fire authority. But they’re going to get a bonus for working in the country.’

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Senior Producer for 3AW Mornings Heidi Murphy outlined the new allowances.

They include permanent relocation allowances and increased travel allowances.

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