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Neil Mitchell slams hypocritical airline, says rugby star ‘entitled to his view’

Neil Mitchell has accused Qantas of hypocrisy and trying to “bully” rugby star Israel Folau into silence.

Folau sparked controversy with a post on social media stating that gay people would go to hell unless they turned to God.

Folau is deeply religious.

Major sponsor Qantas, which was public in its support of same-sex marriage, said it was “very disappointed” with Folau.

“The same Qantas who does business with Emirates, which is based in Dubai where homosexuality is illegal,” Neil Mitchell pointed out on Tuesday.

“Does Alan Joyce think about that when he visits Dubai!?”

Folau has been slammed by many, with the rugby star now facing action from Rugby Australia.

Neil Mitchell said it was ridiculous.

“I didn’t like what he said, it’s certainly not my view,” he said.

“But he’s entitled to his view, I would have thought.”

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