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Neil Mitchell slams ‘indecent chest-beating’ over new assisted-dying laws, shares a very personal euthanasia story

Neil Mitchell is a supporter of Victoria’s new assisted-dying laws.

He commends the Andrews’ Government for “creating the environment” where those laws could happen.

But he says there’s a “sniff of something ugly” wafting across the state.

“The Premier, all morning, was out spruiking euthanasia with a blitz of the TV stations, promoting himself and his government on the back of these assisted dying laws,” a concerned Neil Mitchell said.

“That is indecent. This is too important for that.

“This is not about politicians and chest-beating and self-congratulations, it’s not about bishops and their lectures, it’s not about Andrew Denton, or the supporters of the change celebrating – this is about patients.

“It’s about sick people and their families.

“Don’t wallow in this.

“Don’t use it for political mileage and that’s what is happening.

“This should all be about quiet compassion.”

The 3AW Mornings went on to share the story about the time he thought he had three months to live and was exploring his euthanasia options.

Thankfully, it turned out to be a misdiagnosis.

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