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Neil Mitchell slams ‘pointless’ parliamentary committee, concerns raised over process

Neil Mitchell has slammed “one of the most pointless” parliamentary committees ever assembled.

And a relevant party says they were “frozen out” of the process, suggesting it was because their views on penalty rates didn’t align with the Labor Party.

Seven state MPs – four Labor, two Liberal and a Green – have been meeting since March last year to hold an inquiry into penalty rates and fair pay.

They were meant to report last September, but got pushed back until June this year.

Their 70-page report, examining the impact on Victorians of the Fair Work Commission’s penalty rates decision, was tabled in parliament on Tuesday.

“I can’t see why the state government has wasted time, effort and money on this and now they won’t even talk to us about it,” Neil Mitchell said.

He spoke with Josh Cullinan from the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union, who was under the impression the whole thing had been put on hold.

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