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Neil Mitchell slams ‘self-indulgent’ ABC over ‘irresponsible’ decision to show man ending his own life

Neil Mitchell has slammed the ABC for airing vision of a man ending his own life on television.

Vision on the 7.30 program showed a terminal cancer patient taking a fatal drug dose to end his life.

The 3AW Mornings host said it was disgraceful.

‘I strongly support voluntary euthanasia, but this was a blatant and irresponsible piece of attention-seeking by the ABC,’ he said.

‘I doubt they’ll answer to it. I’ve invited them on the program.

‘But they usually don’t answer to criticism ? they’re above that.

‘What they did was wrong.

‘It was self-serving, self-indulgent journalism.’

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But former Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes disagreed.

‘I can tell you know, if I was on Media Watch now I wouldn’t be pontificating against it,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

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