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Neil Mitchell slams those behind ‘sick and obscene’ videos of Bourke Street attack

Neil Mitchell has slammed those behind ‘sick and obscene’ videos being posted of the Bourke Street rampage on the internet.

And a former cyber cop with the AFP has called on the government to act.

3AW Mornings has been sent footage of at least one of the videos, taken by a taxi driver.

The graphic footage shows those injured and dying on Bourke Street in agony, with several audible screams and visible blood.

‘Part of the evil is that he’s filmed it surreptitiously, so nobody can see him doing it,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘Maybe this man just made a silly mistake in the spur of the moment, but he’s decided to post it online and that is sick.’

Former AFP cyber cop Nigel Phair agreed.

‘There are people in absolute agony and it’s almost like people want to dine on it,’ he said.

Mr Phair said the government could request the footage be removed.

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