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Neil Mitchell slams Victorian Treasurer for ‘offensive and absurd’ China comments

Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas has been criticised by some of his federal Labor colleagues for his comments suggesting Australia has slandered China by pushing for an independent review into the origins of COVID-19.

Mr Pallas yesterday appeared to blame the Morrison government for the 80 per cent tariff China has placed on Australian barley imports, with followed Australia’s calls for a coronavirus inquiry.

“All I can say is I don’t suppose it would come as a surprise to anybody that this was a consequence of the way that the federal government conducted themselves,” he said.

Neil Mitchell has today criticised the Victorian Treasurer and the Premier for taking an “offensive and absurd” stance on the issue.

“If Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas could get off their knees and stop bowing to Beijing for a few moments, they might like to consider that the future of mankind is more important than swooning at the feet of an immoral communist nation, because that’s what they’re doing!,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“The Andrews government has to decide whose side it’s on; is it Australia or China? They’ve been kowtowing to China for years but it’s new levels now. Both the Premier and the Treasurer have been falling over themselves to justify the economic thuggery by China and kiss Beijing’s butt.

“We do need to trade with China but we don’t have to lose all dignity and morality.”

Victorian Liberal MP James Paterson echoed Neil’s criticism of Mr Pallas and Mr Andrews.

“The Chinese Communist Party would be delighted every time they see an Australian politician like Tim Pallas come out and effectively do their bidding for them,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“It’s very clear to me that the Victorian government has no understanding and no expertise in foreign policy … they should stick to their own tasks at hand. They’ve got a fair bit on their plate.

“They’re certainly not being helpful to Australia’s national interests.”

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Image (Pallas): Michael Dodge / Getty