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Neil Mitchell speaks with grandmother who believes her grandson is involved with shocking aggravated burglary

A grandmother who believes her grandson was involved in a disturbing Port Melbourne burglary has told Neil Mitchell she’s furious.

Furious with her grandson and furious with the system that’s ‘let him down.’

Rose (not her real name) told Neil Mitchell she’d been in contact with authorities for 16 years about her grandson.

She said nothing had been done to help him.

Rose told Neil Mitchell she spoke with police after hearing one of the victims on 3AW Mornings on Wednesday.

‘It moved me,’ she told Neil Mitchell.

‘Knowing that it was my grandson and knowing that I’ve been fighting for something to be done about my grandson and the predicament of his family for some 16 years with the department and knowing how bungled this entire case has been for 16 years … I was infuriated.

‘My concern is not only for this family, but this young man whose behaviour has been out of control and who shows absolutely no remorse.’

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