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Neil Mitchell speaks with paramedics about Jordan’s incredible survival

A 10-year-old boy who was critically injured in an accident last year has made an incredible recovery.

Jordan was left fighting for life after he was accidentally run over by a 4WD, with paramedics spending five hours trying to keep him alive.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell, MICA Flight Paramedic Darren Hodge, told of how Jordan became the first child in Victoria to undergo a procedure with paramedics, called a ‘finger thoracostomy’, which helped save his life.

‘Given his injuries, it was that inability for his damaged lungs to get the oxygen in’

‘It’s a procedure where we make an incision in the chest…and we let the build up of gas, or in his case blood, escape.’ he said.

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Shortly after the interview, caller Clark told 3AW Mornings, Darren Hodge helped save his life last week when they plucked him out of the ocean on the continental shelf off Port Fairy after his boat flipped. 

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